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In 2020, the Xiaomi smartphone company launched a new product, the Mi 10 Pro Xiaomi. For those who are looking for a new smartphone, maybe the Mi 10 Pro Xiaomi can be a consideration. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of this smartphone.

We start from the beautiful casing design with peach color, green and black with a glossy texture.

Continue to the camera, Mi 10 pro Xiaomi has quite a lot of cameras, 5 cameras, 3 cameras in 1 frame and 2 cameras are placed separately with 2 LED flashes to complete it so that the details of the object in the photo can be seen clearly. 108MP resolution is definitely pretty good. All cameras are equipped with a 12 Mega Pixel portrait lens capability, a 5 Mega Pixel telephoto lens, a 20 Mega Pixel ultrawide camera, and a 2 Mega Pixel macro lens. Auti focus Mi 10 pro Xiaomi has a good and consistent level of accuracy

We are now heading to the interface, audio jacks are still provided beside 2 ports and speaker holes. On the right there are volume and power buttons, on the top there are speakers and infrared. Mi 10 pro Xiaomi provides 2 SIM card slots but does not support Micro SD. Mi Note 10 Xiaomi is equipped with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of memory, so it is also suitable for playing games, or processing multiple applications without obstacles.

Mi 10 pro Xiaomi is equipped with a battery with sufficient capacity that is 5,260 mAh, so no need to charge frequently. If the battery is low, the Mi 10 pro Xiaomi can charge the battery quickly.

Mi 10 pro Xiaomi with MIUI 11 interface makes it simple and can be customized, what are the advantages and disadvantages

MIUI 11 interface advantages on Mi 10 pro Xiaomi include:

• Screenshot Management, this feature can delete screenshots quickly after the screenshots are shared, thus saving more smartphone memory.

• Dark Mode Feature, This feature makes the dark laya so that the eyes do not glare, so the eyes remain healthy and the battery can be saved more.

• New Icon Display, Mi 10 pro Xiaomi has a row of new icons which are certainly more fresh.

• Unlock by Voice Command, a feature to unlock with the user’s voice.

• Monochrome Power Saving feature, this feature is very relevant to save battery by automatically turning off all applications except SMS and telephone applications which are certainly needed.

• Fonts and Typography, features with updated fonts are easier to see.

• Living Display, more comfortable with the always on feature.

• Can eliminate Notch, this feature is for removing notch with black wallpaper.

Some disadvantages of Mi 10 pro Xiaomi are the price is quite expensive and not written whether waterproof or not.

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