Facebook’s New Warning System

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Since the highly contagious virus known as coronavirus 19 had been declared by the WHO, which stands for the world health organization, as a global pandemic, people around the world have been flocking to the internet to share their thoughts as well as find out more information on this new disease.

Before this pandemic was declared, however, which occurred on March 11, 2020, people all around the world had already been obsessed with various forms of social media. Society is interconnected by these online sites which allow people to do a variety of things. From watching videos to updating one’s status and even researching for a school assignment, people these days can’t live without some form of technology connecting them to the internet.

However, now that many people have been forced, either through fear of getting sick or by government regulations, to “self-isolate”, people are reliant on the internet now more than ever. This can be to either feel less lonely by engaging in some self distanced form of communication or activity, or to find out more about what exactly is coronavirus 19.

It must be remembered, however, that there are many rumours encircling coronavirus 19. This is especially true when it comes to tech news. Some rumours can be about the virus itself, such as how many people are affected by it and how it is transferred between people. On the other hand, some rumours about coronavirus 19 can also be about how it is portrayed in the news, such as overly priced personal protective equipment or impacts on the economy. These rumours can have some negative impacts on society as it can induce fear, panic and distress.

Due to this, the latest in tech news is announcing that Facebook has implemented a new warning system onto its website. Facebook is a website designed for people to set up their page where they can do many different things such as update their status, chat with friends, play games, and share various forms of content from news to images and videos. Facebook has been a popular social media site since it’s creation in 2004. One of the main activities that users can engage in on Facebook is the liking, commenting and sharing of other people’s posts. However, with new rumours surrounding coronavirus 19 popping up on the internet, many of these rumours have materialized into posts on Facebook. Unsuspecting people have therefore liked, commented or shared these rumours, resulting in the circulation of false information.

The employees of Facebook have since created a new warning system to combat this issue. This new warning system is to alert users who have liked, shared or commented on posts that contain false facts on coronavirus 19. After being alerted, these Facebook users will be directed to the WHO official website which contains only true information in a tech news format regarding the coronavirus 19.

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