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When it comes to PlayStation 4 (commonly known as ps4), there are more than 110 million units already sold worldwide. This has made ps4 the biggest success in the gaming industry ever since it was incepted.

Now with ps5 already making a lot of noise and fans eagerly waiting for its launch hitting the markets later this year, here is the latest news regarding which ps4 games to get your hands on and try if you have not already played them. Who knows, you may end up finding a new favorite or revisiting your old all-time ps4 game. We have a list of the best four ps4 games here for you.

Rise of the Tomb Raider from the year 2016

Out of the three series ps4 game, the Rise of the Tomb raider emerged as a clear favourite among the masses compared to the other two from the series such as Tomb raider and the Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This ps4 game is set in Siberia and deals with the story of Lara where she navigates her way through scary, deeply moving and challenging paths in her ascension to being the tomb raider.

Spider-man from the year 2018

Marvel’s spider-man has been another all-time favourite with ps4 fans who are always on a hunt for a game set in the open world of New York and solving variety of crimes within. No other game than Marvel’s spider-man has succeeded in being the bets-seller all-time-favourite ps4 game in the market for the whole of 2018 and a majority of 2019.

Control from the year 2019

This ps4 game called Control is based on a plot consisting of a character Remedy that is always concerned with the Federal Bureau of Control. It is based on a secret government agency from the United States that is tasked with studying phenomena related to paranormal activity. The ps4 game navigates through tricky situations and haunted houses to immerse you fully in the situation. What makes this ps4 game even more interesting is the fact that this was the first ps4 game to make use of ray tracing – a relatively new technology and innovation in ps4 games.

The Last of Us Remastered from the year 2014

Another classic ps4 game to get your hands on if you have not already played this one before. This is based on a famous daughter-father saga where the daughter is a post-apocalyptic adopted one. This was a sequence of the previous ps4 game the Last of Us but went on to becoming a more successful of its parent or the predecessor ps4 game.


So here was your list of the top four ps4 games that you will love to play and add to your favourite list as soon as possible. Depending on what your taste is and what genres you like, there are many other ps4 games that can fancy your imagination. So the biggest tip is to keep trying and keep playing!

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