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April Updates: YouTube to Release Smart Replies and Video Chapters

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YouTube is a popular streaming platform with over 2 billion monthly users, according to Hootsuite, a leading social media marketing agency. The agency reports that users upload about 500 hours of video content every minute. Also, each user spends 11m and 24 seconds daily on the platform. YouTube is rolling out new updates to improve the users’ experience and help creators product top-quality content. YouTube hasn’t historically supported creators but that’s about to change. The streaming software will offer increased control on channel permissions and introduce video chapters. Read on to find out all you need to know about the new YouTube updates and how they improve both creators’ and users’ experiences on the platform.

Permissions, Smart Replies, and Design

Creators will be able to allow other users to use accounts to respond to comments on the videos through the creators’ accounts. The update will help social media managers and content moderators. To make things easier, YouTube will roll out “smart replies.” The feature allows users to quickly reply to comments. The tool is like the “smart replies,” which you see in Gmail. You can add more wording for a personal touch.

The two updates allow creators to spread their workload so they can focus on important aspects of their creative such as developing top-quality and relevant content. Before they can implement and enjoy the two changes, creators must reauthenticate the preferences on Google Adsense, adjust the settings, and transfer permissions related to the channel. The updates will increase the security levels and protect YouTube accounts from hackers.

YouTube is also changing the design of the icons you find at the bottom of your mobile app’s screen. The icons’ design will be filled rather than outlines. People with visual impairment will enjoy a better user experience. The new design will offer increased access to a wider audience.

Video Chapters

YouTube is releasing “video chapters” in the video progress bar to make videos easier to navigate. The new feature allows users to segment lengthy videos in easy-to-consume content. The streaming platform is testing the new update on Android platforms and desktop. It may also introduce the feature on iOS devices. The update is available on videos, which include timestamps. If the creators haven’t added timestamps in the videos’ description section, YouTube can’t automatically add video chapters. When users hover over the timestamp in the video description, the video chapter’s name will appear.

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