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Google wasn’t unprepared for quarantine. Due to the coronavirus lockdown and the forced passage to smart working, the workers had a good ally. Thanks to tools like Hangouts, which became Google Meet, and the integration with Gmail.

Last week Google announced that a new interface that will show up to 16 participants at the same time during video calls will be coming soon on Meet.

The premium features are free until the end of September, to help those in trouble during these weeks.

In March, Google also announced, there has been a 25-fold increase in the use of the platform compared to two months earlier. The news from Big G about this type of service, has led Meet to be more used also for schools with distance learning.

Gmail: improves desktop integration with Google Tasks

Google improves the integration of Tasks on Gmail in the desktop version.

The new features introduced do not change what is already available, but make it even easier to add an email message within the reminder service.

It is now possible to turn an email into a reminder or ” to-do list” from the toolbar above the text field, where a “Google Tasks” icon will be added.

I remind you that Google Tasks integration on Gmail is also available on Android since last spring. In this case, the Tasks dedicated app must be installed on your device.

Gmail for Android updates

The new version of Gmail for Android fixes some of the bugs found by users in previous releases. Also, to this, it confirms some of the features that developers are working on.

Analyzing the code of the new version of Gmail for Android, in fact, the staff of 9to5Google has identified references to a new system of label functionality.

This new operation should assign the category to incoming messages (for example, “Shopping” or “Travel”), remembering a feature already seen on Inbox by Gmail.

Manage email expiration date

Remember, when you were watching cartoons, the famous letter that would self-destruct after five seconds?

Google has decided to include this feature in Gmail, which will be operational in the next few days.

You write an email and give it an end date. The recipient has only until then to read it.

Then it disappears. This way, if you want to send a message, but don’t want it to persist, because, for example, it contains data that doesn’t need to be around too much, now you can do it.

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