The battle of the best search engines

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In the early 90s, data gathering is very hard as it requires a long time to find specific information you want or need. For example, students need details about their research, they go from one book to another just to find a particular idea. Another example is when someone needs a step by step guide in baking cake, they often wander around going from people to people just to ask about how to bake a cake and what are the ingredients needed. But as time passed by, the people became creative and innovative. They invented search engines in order to aid the people’s hardship towards data gathering.

In 1994, a new web directory known as “Yahoo!” was created. It launched its search engine in the 2nd of March, 1995. The program gained popularity because it helped people search for information easier. Yahoo!’s search function then was only on its web directory which connects people from their computers to their needed webpages. Since yahoo is web directory based, it doesn’t give the users the full-text copies of webpages.

As the population of the search engines grew, Yahoo! seemed to have found its most fierce competitor which is known today as Google. Google started in 1998 and worked its way up to how it is popular now. Google became famous because it is fast and very simple. It has a user-friendly platform and focused on its File system program while Yahoo was busy on its design and other platforms. Google’s file system is the very reason why Google out powered Yahoo in the battle yahoo vs google. This system is the core that gives the user a dependable connection to the data and information that they needed. It also uses a powerful algorithm which collects information from the user’s scope of search and gives a relevant result list.

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