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The Modern Google Pixel 4XL Phone

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The new Google Pixel 4XL is truly a modern Google phone that is designed the Google way. The Pixel 4xl is a creative phone that has a lot to offer many looking to buy a modern and smart cellphone. Whether you are looking for a cellphone that has multiple pixels and great quality or just a cellphone that has lots of memory space, the new Pixel 4XL will surely not disappoint you.

Some of the smart features that the new Google phone offers buyers are things such as unlimited online storage space at very high quality as well as the official Google Assistant. With the addition to the cool Google Assistant feature, you will no longer have to worry about the difficulties and challenges of getting things done on your cellphone because the Google Assistant app makes things so much more easier to control your phone as well as getting important things done. Google Assistant is truly always there, just waiting to help you out. And, with the unlimited online storage feature, you will no longer have to fear about finding or storing your special memories. This sharp, new storage feature that the Google phone comes with will automatically save all of your videos and photos at the blink of an eye. Additionally, the Google phone also has what is known as Quick Gestures. With the Quick Gestures app, the Google phone will allow you to get a lot of things accomplished without even touching your Pixel 4xl. This is an amazing app that can help you out when you decide to cook something or when you are driving. The new Google phone also features quality wireless power ability. With it’s wireless power, you will now be able to swiftly charge up your new Pixel 4xl with just the Google phone Pixel stand alone. Along with wireless power, this jazzy Pixel 4xl also comes with smart power for all of those apps you tend to use the most. With the intelligent and adaptive battery of the Pixel 4xl, you will now be able to do more of what you really enjoy without searching around for a simple power outlet for minutes on end. The powerful Google phone battery will automatically learn which apps are your favorites and then proceed to minimize power automatically to the apps you tend to rarely use at all.

With Google phone features comes some really lit Google phone specifications too. One of the cool Google phone specifications offered is the new LTE Advanced, which will allow you to have 50% quicker peak speeds in over 450 cities worldwide. This Google phone can easily work in over 200 different countries, based upon which Pixel 4XL plan you decide to go with. The Pixel 4xl phone also gets great stand by time as the stand by time can get up to 12 days while it’s official usage time can get up to 32.2 hours. This smooth Google phone features a sharp, front-facing 8 megapixel camera and a 6.3″ display screen for the best quality photos you decide to take. The three color options provided of the Pixel 4xl are Oh So Orange, Clearly White, and Just Black and it comes equipped with an amazing operating sysyem running on Android Q (10.0).

These are just some of what the new Google Pixel 4XL cellphone provides for buyers who are ready to upgrade to a better cellphone.

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