A Good Moment: 5 Movies You Must Watch

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Watching movies is a great entertainment for the soul because they generate all kinds of emotions. Some of them leave us teachings that we can then apply in our daily lives. Here are 5 MOVIES YOU MUST WATCH in your free time.

1-Notting Hill (1999)

This film tells the love story between a book salesman and a world-renowned actress. The beautiful message that this movie conveys is that love influences all human beings in the same way. The plot has everything to catch the audience: romance, humor and cool performances.

2-Scarface (1983)

_Scarface_ tells the story of a Cuban immigrant who arrives to the United States escaping the communist regime of his country. Once installed in America begins to develop a criminal activity: drug trafficking. His unmeasured ambition for power and money makes him the worst man

3-The exorcist (1973)

The film tells the story of a famous actress whose 12-year-old daughter is possessed by the devil. The artist seeks help from a priest to free the girl from that evil spirit. What no one knows is that this task will be incredibly difficult and will have terrible consequences.

4-Scrooged (1988)

_Scrooged_ tells the story of a major executive on a television network who is able to do anything to get what he wants. One day he is visited by three ghosts who warn him about the dire consequences of his loathsome behavior. Despite this, the executive can still change his fate.

5-Chicago (2002)

_Chicago_ tells the story of two singers who are in prison accused of murder. Despite these sad circumstances, both artists dream of achieving fame. The plot perfectly chronicles these two women’s obsession with becoming celebrities, no matter how they do it.

Any of these movies will give you a pleasant time. That’s why relax and enjoy these stories.