How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

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Even though Google Chrome does not have an in-built dark theme, you can still get a dark chrome browser. To enable the dark mode feature, switch your operating system to dark mode. How do you achieve this?

If you have installed Windows 10 on your laptop or PC, go to your Settings, then Personalization and to Colors (Settings ˃ Personalization ˃ Colors). You are required to choose ‘Dark’ when asked to select your default app mode. However, if you are using a Mac, enable the system-wide dark mode.

How to apply a dark theme

Google Chrome allows and supports user-created themes. If you want any of these themes, visit the Chrome Web Store and download it for free. To have a dark interface, install a dark theme. When you visit Chrome’s Web Store, you will find a vast collection of selected dark themes. You can choose any of these dark themes for use in Linux, Windows 7, Chrome OS, and other operating systems. Morpheon Dark is the most popular dark theme in Chrome Web Store. Most people like the Morpheon Dark because it offers good contrast between the active tabs (lighter in color) and inactive tabs (darker).

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