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TikTok is a fun and interactive little mobile phone app, primarily used by 24-year-olds and younger. The premise of the app is you shoot short 15-second videos, customize it the way you want, and publish. But it is not just for fun and games because just like many other social media platforms, it can be utilized as a marketing tool to promote yourself, a product or service. Keep in mind though that it is primarily used by young people to showcase their talents and skills to the world.

With that been said, each and every website/app needs updating through routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly and to provide an exceptional user experience. So to ensure your content can be easily found on TikTok, a few tweaks and switch-ups is needed on your part to keep yourself visible on the platform or get lost in a sea of other content.

And the algorithm is the vehicle used to steer the data to a cleaner and clutter-free environment, providing a silky smooth point, click and scroll through experience. And although its put in place for the greater good of its users, it can cause serious disruption and affect your dominance on the app.

Let’s see how you can keep up with the algorithmic changes that can affect the visibility of your content and your livelihood on TikTok. And keep on growing your following, get more views, and make more money.

As of May 2020, the TikTok algorithm is set up to push your content out to a small group of people. Some that follow you and some on their for you page. Keep in mind, however, if you don’t get enough engagement, your content will not be pushed to their for you page. And if that’s the case, and you get a percentage of that amount, brace yourself it’s going to be dismal.

So the way to keep up with all the changes is to post fresher content regularly. However, don’t get rid of older content. Instead, recycle it. Put a new and related title on it, repost it. Just whatever you do, don’t discard it. It can still be gold and of much more value to you. The algorithm might still pick up that video or post you created 2 years ago. Oh, and keep on using #fyp and #foryoupage it will serve you well. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

Below is what you need to do to sweep up more followers, demand more views, and curb the algorithmic change, and in the process make more money:

  • Post more regularly. Not just anything, mind you, find out what’s trending, and repurpose older content that performed well before.
  • Use hashtags. As mentioned before, #fyp and #foryoupage is a must. Also, use #tiktok. It is recommended to use 3 to 6 hashtags.
  • Best time to post. Post new content Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 12 am. Because during the day most people are at work and students are at school or they go to baseball practice in the afternoon.
  • For you page. If you want to find out what’s trending, the for you page is a goldmine for that. It might sound counter-intuitive, but don’t feel bad for copying other people’s content. Just tweak it a little bit. Don’t copy it verbatim. Unless your own new content is groundbreaking, jump on the trends there and you will see a big spike in followers, views, and ultimately, money. Don’t forget to reuse old content that was good performers in the past. Repurpose it for more likes, reshares, and views.

Conclusion. TikTok is definitely an app you should be on to bolster your singing, rapping, dancing, acting career to the next level. It is a breathing ground for entertainment seekers and also talent scouts/agents looking for the next big star.

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